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Senya Malina Tells It like It Was

Senya Malina Tells It like It Was - Stepan Pisakhov, Blackwell Boyce, Dmitry Trubin This is my first review on this site so go easy on me!

This book reminded me of how much I love folk tales. I was born in the Caucasus region and these stories definitely struck a chord with me. Their quirkiness and humor jumped out at me as being a grade A example of
Russian literature and culture. They're a lot of fun to read but not only that, they shed a light on both the previous and modern issues that have developed in Russia. For me personally, the tales of Stepan Pisakhov made me both nostalgic and proud of my heritage. While, I've never read the original stories, I believe that Blackwell Boyce truly did a fantastic job of preserving these stories and making them available for many more readers across the world to enjoy.